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Machine Learning with Scala

Machine Learning with Scala

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Machine Learning with Scala

Machine Learning with Scala, Explore the most innovative and cutting edge machine learning techniques with Scala

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What you'll learn
  • Write Scala code implementing neural network models for prediction and clustering
  • Plot and analyze the structure of datasets with exploratory data analysis techniques using Scala
  • Use new and popular Scala frameworks such as Akka and Spark to implement machine learning algorithms and Scala libraries such as Breeze for numerical computing and plotting
  • Get to grips with the most popular machine learning algorithms used in the areas of regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and neural networks
  • Use the power of MLlib libraries to implement machine learning with Spark
  • Work with the k-means algorithm and implement it in Scala with the real datasets
  • Get to know what dimensionality reduction is and explore the theory behind how the PCA algorithm works
  • Analyze and implement linear regression and GLMs in Scala and run them on real datasets
  • Use the Naive bayes algorithms and its methods to predict the probability of different classes based on various attributes

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