Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started

Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started

Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started

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Learn Modern JavaScript: Getting Started, In depth training covering the the what, how and most importantly the why of modern JavaScript.
Created by Steven Hancock
What you'll learn
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript.
  • Write JavaScript code and link it to a web page.
  • Test JavaScript code using the browser console.
  • Declare variables and manipulate values.
  • Work with operators.
  • Explain coercion and hoisting.
  • Use the Date and Math object.
  • Use template strings for displaying output.
  • Incorporate if conditionals in your code.
  • Use a switch statement when appropriate.
  • Understand and apply the while and for loop.
  • Create an array.
  • Add and remove elements from an array.
  • Use array methods.
  • Create user defined functions.
  • Create arrow functions.
  • Explain scope.
  • Create user defined objects.
  • Explain prototypal inheritance.
  • Use the constructor and class structure to create objects.
  • Explain the DOM.
  • Select and modify elements from the DOM.
  • Create event handles to respond to user actions.
  • Debug your code.
  • Optimally deploy your JavaScript code.

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