Advanced JavaScript Topics

Advanced JavaScript Topics

Advanced JavaScript Topics
Advanced JavaScript Topics, In Depth JavaScript Training for Mastering Important Patterns, the Power of Functions, OOP Concepts, JavaScript Projects
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What you'll learn
  • Apply first-class and higher order functions in your coding practices.
  • Explain the different scenarios that affect the value of this.
  • Identify the object to which this is bound.
  • Manipulate this binding to accomplish programing problems.
  • Use prototypes in your coding.
  • Understand and use IIFEs in your code.
  • Define closure and take advantage of it in your code.
  • Apply the namespace and module pattern to your coding projects.
  • Create JSON files.
  • Load and use JSON data in a project.
  • Manipulate properties on JavaScript objects.
  • Apply OOP principles to your JavaScript coding practices.
  • Make use of constructors and Object create for setting up objects and prototypes.
  • Understand and apply the true nature of JavaScript inheritance.
  • Explain functional programming concepts.
  • Apply functional programming techniques to your JavaScript projects.

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