PyTorch Deep Learning in 7 Days

PyTorch Deep Learning in 7 Days

PyTorch Deep Learning in 7 Days
PyTorch Deep Learning in 7 Days, Boost your career in one week with the cutting-edge field of Deep Learning with PyTorch
Created by Packt Publishing
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What you'll learn
  • Get comfortable with most commonly used PyTorch concepts, modules and API including Tensor operations, data representations, and manipulation
  • Work with Deep Learning models and architectures including layers, activations, loss functions, gradients, chain rule, forward and backward passes, and optimizers
  • Apply Deep Learning architectures to solve Machine Learning problems for Structured Datasets, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing
  • Utilize the concept of Transfer Learning by using pre-trained Deep Learning models to your own problems
  • Implement state of the art in Natural Language Processing to solve real-world problems such as sentiment analysis
  • Implement a simple Generative Adversarial Network to generate fancy images after training on a large image dataset
  • Requirements
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning concepts and Python programming is required.

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