FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 - Verilog

FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 - Verilog

FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 - Verilog
FPGA Embedded Design, Part 1 - Verilog, Learn FPGA embedded application design starting with the basics and leaving with your own working designs.
Created by Eduardo CorpeƱo, Marissa Siliezar
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What you'll learn
  • Design hardware behavior with the Verilog Hardware Description Language
  • Simulate Verilog Modules.
  • The FPGA Embedded Design curriculum will take you by the hand through learning Verilog, how to simulate your designs, how to make them real in an FPGA, and finally how to design and use your own Soft Processor. This will take place in a series of courses. This first course is about the Verilog Hardware Description Language.
  • This is NOT a System Verilog course. However, learning Verilog is a starting point if you want to learn System Verilog (Similar to learning C prior to C++).
  • Requirements
  • Basic programming knowledge sometimes helps, but the case of no programming experience can be an advantage since you will learn something other than traditional sequential programming.
  • Although a refresher is provided in this course, some basic digital electronics knowledge always helps. Not necessarily advanced stuff, just the basics: Logic gates, maybe flip flops, counters, tristate buffers, etc.
  • Ultimately, an FPGA development board will come in handy to build and test your projects. We'll use it starting at the second course in the series.

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