SPSS For Research

SPSS For Research

SPSS For Research
SPSS For Research, SPSS data analysis made easy. Become an expert in advanced statistical analysis with SPSS.
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What you'll learn
  • perform simple operations with data: define variables, recode variables, create dummy variables, select and weight cases, split files
  • built the most useful charts in SPSS: column charts, line charts, scatterplot charts, boxplot diagrams
  • perform the basic data analysis procedures: Frequencies, Descriptives, Explore, Means, Crosstabs
  • test the hypothesis of normality (with numeric and graphic methods)
  • detect the outliers in a data series (with numeric and graphic methods)
  • transform variables
  • perform the main one-sample analyses: one-sample t test, binomial test, chi square for goodness of fit
  • perform the tests of association: Pearson and Spearman correlation, partial correlation, chi square test for association, loglinear analysis
  • execute the analyses for means comparison: t test, between-subjects ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA, nonparametric tests (Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis etc.)
  • perform the regression analysis (simple and multiple regression, sequential regression, logistic regression)
  • compute and interpret various tyes of reliability indicators (Cronbach's alpha, Cohen's kappa, Kendall's W)
  • use the data reduction techniques (multidimensional scaling, principal component analysis, correspondence analysis)
  • use the main grouping techniques (cluster analysis, discriminant analysis)
  • Requirements
  • the SPSS package (version 18 or newer recommended)
  • very basic knowledge of statistics (mean, standard deviation, confidence interval, significance level, things like that)

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