Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction

Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction

Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction
Tableau Desktop 2019 - A Complete Introduction, A Comprehensive Guide on Business Intelligence with Tableau Desktop 2019+ to Prepare, Analyze and Visualize Data
Created by Academind by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller, Manuel Lorenz
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What you'll learn
  • Understand Tableau Desktop and use it in your own data analysis projects
  • Get to know Tableau Desktop and understand its position within the Tableau Platform
  • Learn and apply the core Tableau Desktop features for data preparation, analysis and visualization
  • Dive into a typical data analysis project workflow
  • Understand the data source segment of Tableau Desktop and connect Tableau Desktop to various source types
  • Build various visuals (line-chart, bar-chart, treemap, map, scatter plot and more)
  • Dive into calculated fields - Basic calculations, level of detail expressions & table calculations, all covered in the course
  • Understand the differences between groups and sets
  • Learn how to create and add parameters to filters and calculations
  • Create bin charts from scratch
  • Use data blending to establish relationships and to connect tables from different data sources
  • Understand how to create interactive dashboards and stories
  • Get the required knowledge to dive deeper into Tableau and into additional tools within the Tableau Platform
  • Requirements
  • Tableau is available for Windows (Windows 7 64bit or higher) or macOS
  • NO prior experience with other business intelligence tools is required
  • NO prior data analysis knowledge is required

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