React Native and Redux Course using hooks

React Native and Redux Course using hooks

React Native and Redux Course using hooks

[100% Discount] React Native and Redux Course using hooks [FREE]

Take your react js skills to next level by building Native Android and IOS Apps using React Native
Introduction. 3 lectures • 14min. Installing React Native. 2 lectures • 24min. Creating beautiful UI for screens. Adding React Navigation v5. Accessing Camera,Image Gallery and uploading Images. working on backend of application. connecting React Native with node js and express backend. Adding Redux for state 

Created by Mukesh phulwani


What you'll learn
  • Moble Application development using React native
  • Accessing Camera and Image Gallery
  • Uploading Images
  • How to work with node js and express as a backend
  • Adding Navigation using React navigation v5
  • Redux for state management
  • Context API
  • Animations

This Course is the most updated course on React Native on internet.

Is hooks included ? yes. Is Navigation included ? Yes. Redux ? Of course !. Context API ? definitely.

we will be also learning about Animations basics to enhance user experience.

you will be learning every thing you need to know in order to become a job ready React Native developer.

Here is the list of projects which we will be making -

Employee App -

company can use to store details on an employee like name,position,salary,picture etc.

includes camera access, uploading images,redux,working with node js and express as a backend

Youtube clone -

we will be making clone of youtube app using youtube api.

includes how to add dark mode,toggle button to toggle theme,redux

Weather app -

This app will show the weather conditions of any city.

includes autocomplete when user types,saving city name on device storage

Get All In Course -> React Native and Redux Course using hooks

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