Want to be a Big Data Scientist?

Want to be a Big Data Scientist?

Want to be a Big Data Scientist?

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Should you pursue a career in Data Science? Data Science basics, process, team, roles, skills, transition, opportunities,  How to become a good data scientist?
Steps to Become a Data Scientist
Pursue an undergraduate degree in data science or a closely related field.
Learn required skills to become a data scientist.
Consider a specialization.
Get your first entry-level data scientist job.
Review additional data scientist certifications and post-graduate learning.

Created by V2 Maestros, LLC


"Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century - It has exciting work and incredible pay". You have been hearing about this a lot. You try to get more information on this and start querying and browsing. You get so many definitions, requirements, predictions, opinions and recommendations. At the end, you are perplexed. And you ask - "What exactly is this field all about? Is it a good career option for me?"

**** Please note: This is a career advice course, not a technology course.

Data Science has been growing exponentially in the last 5 years. It is also a hybrid field that requires multiple skills and training. We have been training students in Data Science. A number of them committed to training without realizing what it really is. Some were happy, some adjusted their expectations and some regretted committing too soon. We felt that professionals thinking of getting into Data Science needed a primer in what this field is all about. Hence, we came up with this course.

Through this course, you will learn about

Data Science goals and concepts
Process Flow
Roles and Responsibilities
Where you will fit in to a Data Science team.
Building a transition plan
Getting into the Data Science field involves significant investment of time. Learn about the field in order to make an informed decision.

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