Angular with PHP - build secure SPA application

Angular with PHP - build secure SPA application

Angular with PHP - build secure SPA application
Angular with PHP - build secure SPA application, Apply modern programming techniques in practice by creating Single Page Application using Angular and PHP
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This course will help you to see how Angular as a front-end and PHP as a backend service provider can connect together and create a beautiful SPA (single page application) with a well-protected custom form. The lectures are designed to be easily followed by just typing the code into your machine. All you need is a Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10 with enabled WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

You will learn:

how to set up an Angular project

how to create and use a micro-service for:

creating post requests via httpClient

communication between components

how to use Observables with the help of RxJS:

subscribe to observables within a template

recognize the difference between using BehaviorSubject and Subject and use it in practice

convert a desktop-only template to mobile from scratch using Angular Material and CSS flex-layout.

share Mobile-browsers-query data between components

sanitize user-input data with PHP

last, but not least you will learn how to secure a form using anti-CRSF technique - cross-site request forgery both on the Angular and PHP backend!

This course is suitable for:

beginners-to-intermediate Angular developers

anyone who wants to expand their Angular knowledge with a real-life project

students who prefer to create their own SPA application

See you soon!

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