Complete Bootstrap & Materialize CSS Course for Beginners

Complete Bootstrap & Materialize CSS Course for Beginners

Complete Bootstrap & Materialize CSS Course for Beginners
Complete Bootstrap & Materialize CSS Course for Beginners, Learn the essentials of Bootstrap 4 and Materialize CSS and start building responsive websites.
  • Created by Ikenna Ukpai
  • English


If you have ever wanted to learn bootstrap or materialize css from scratch but felt overwhelmed by the volume of information or incomprehensible tutorials out there, then you've come to the right course.

In this course, I'm going to be teaching you Bootstrap 4 and Materialize CSS 1 from scratch, like you've never come across it before. We are not only going to learn in words but also in action. Consequently, we are going to dedicate two sections in learning the basics and then another two in building two beautiful modern responsive websites from scratch.

Bootstrap and Materialize CSS are arguably the most popular CSS fameworks currently available. However, it can be difficult deciding which one to learn especially as a beginner. This course makes it very easy to learn both frameworks by concentrating on the fundamental concepts in both technologies. You will not become a Bootstrap or Materialize Ninja by taking this course, but you would definitely made tremendous progress towards that goal. You will be ready to learn more advance concepts after the course.

I must emphasize again that this course is designed for the absolute beginner. So if you know a little HTML and CSS and want to advance, then taking this course is a good step. However, if you are already familiar with bootstrap and want to learn more advance stuffs, then you might end up disappointed. I have  designed a similar course for more experienced web developers. This course is essentially for newbies.

Throughout the course, I will hold your hands as we walk through every aspect of the code. My goal is to get you actually building real websites, and I'm sure you would have achieved that feat if you follow me till the end.

So let's get started...see you in the course!

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