JavaScript Masterclass 2021: Modern & Comprehensive

JavaScript Masterclass 2021: Modern & Comprehensive

JavaScript Masterclass 2020: Modern & Comprehensive
JavaScript Masterclass 2020: Modern & Comprehensive, Zero to Hero: ES6 / ES2015 + ES2016 + ES2017, Object Oriented, Functional, Asynchronous JS + Interview Prep
  • Created by Hemil Patel
  • English
  • English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn
  • Understand fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Understand scope in JavaScript with concepts like Lexical Scope, Global Scope and Block Scope
  • Understand basic concepts of functions such as Callback Functions, Function Expressions, IIFE
  • Master object-oriented JavaScript concepts like Prototypal Inheritance, Prototype Chain
  • Master functional programming concepts in JavaScript like Closures, Method Chaining, Higher Order Functions
  • Get entry point into modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Ember
  • Master Async JavaScript concepts like SetTimeout, Promises, Async Await

This is a modern and comprehensive JavaScript course that focuses on the latest version of JavaScript. We will cover some of the latest features of javaScript. Features such as Async Await, Array.from(), Array.Map() that were recently introduced. One of the best feature of this course is its simplicity. All the coding samples are very easy to understand. I prefer to use real world use cases to explain concepts. 

Use JavaScript and HTML to create the ultimate responsive portfolio website from scratch!

Basic Introduction to Javascript by Building Many Interesting Projects

Novice to Ninja: Learn to Master JavaScript in this full course. Includes JavaScript projects, live code, an exam & ES6

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