Learn HTML5 Apps Programming From Scratch

Learn HTML5 Apps Programming From Scratch

Learn HTML5 Apps Programming From Scratch
Learn HTML5 Apps Programming From Scratch, Go from Zero to Hero and learn to create mobile web apps with basic HTML5
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  • Created by Francisco Ramos, Ph.D., Llanos Francisco
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The development of content for mobile devices is an area that continues to grow, and companies highly value the skills in this field. The creation of mobile applications, mainly for Web, iOS and Android platforms, is essential in this market. 

However, mobile application programming is complex and requires a thorough understanding of different programming languages: Objective-C, Java, C#, etc. Another aspect to take into account is the process of publication in the app stores (App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, etc.), which is not as simple as it should be. 

 Acquiring all this knowledge takes a long time and often a lot of money, if you decide to hire a professional. 

In this course, we will try to solve these important problems.   

From my experience teaching at universities, the most effective way of learning is by means of a practical application alongside the course. So, are you prepared to develop a web mobile app from scratch?, you still don't know it, but yes you are! 

You will be guided on a step-by-step journey and be transformed from a beginner to a confident mobile web app developer who has all the right tools to begin coding your own mobile web apps, whether personal or professional. 

This course will give you a differential value, and provide you a set of skills that could open your eyes to another career path, Do you dare? Invest in your future! Invest 2 hours!

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