Advance CSS Selectors: The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Advance CSS Selectors: The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

Advance CSS Selectors: The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)
Advance CSS Selectors: The Complete Guide (2020 Edition), Learn to write highly effective CSS selectors like top 10% web developers and style any website without touching HTML.
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20 years ago when I could first write the CSS with HTML document, we had a limited set of selector choices like- element, classes, ids and descendant selectors.

But now we have dozens and dozens of powerful CSS selectors we can use in your CSS to write more powerful, optimized CSS selectors to maintain our stylesheet.

So in this class discover how to effectively leverage the power of selectors to select the elements you want to style without adding classes, changing HTML, or getting overly specific with your selectors.

In this course, I will demonstrate how to pinpoint specific parts (and groups of parts) in an HTML document using the powerful declarative syntax of CSS selectors.

I will cover combinator selectors, attribute selectors, pseudo-class and pseudo-element selectors, and the universal selector.

But that’s not all, there is a bonus video for you where I’ll show you how you can use CSS selectors with javascript to add dynamic behaviour in your HTML document with real-world examples.

Topics include:

Targeting elements, classes and IDs

Working with compound and group selectors

Targeting parent, child, and sibling elements (combinator)

Targeting element attributes

Targeting links with pseudo-class selectors

Targeting child elements and empty elements

Working with negation elements

Styling and validating forms

Matching pattern with Nth-child Selectors

Creating custom global variables

Using selectors with javascript.

Who this course is for:

New web enthusiasts and front-end developers

Complete beginners who want to enhance their skill sets

Experts who want to reinforce themselves

Anyone who wants to refresh knowledge

Web designers and developers

Developers who are tired of fighting with CSS

Professionals who want to level up CSS skills

So if you’re ready to be one of the top 10% fronted developers then roll-up your sleeves, fire-up your code editor and let’s get started with CSS selectors- the complete guide.

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