Complete Angular 8 Course With Angular 9 , 6, 4 ,2 Features.

Complete Angular 8 Course With Angular 9 , 6, 4 ,2 Features.

Complete Angular 8 Course With Angular 9 , 6, 4 ,2 Features.
Complete Angular 8 Course With Angular 9 , 6, 4 ,2 Features., Learn Complete Anglar 8,Angular 9, Angular 6, Angular 4,Angular 2 Features. Angular form, Angular Authentication
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As you all know Angular is most popular for developing Web development. Now a days those who know Angular He/She can earn more money then others. If you want to become a full stack developer then now a days without angular you can't become a good full stack developer. In these days every company wants a person those who know latest version of Angular along with the previous version knowledge. because if any project is running on older version of Angular and company want to upgrade on latest version then you should have knowledge of both version. to keep all these things in mind I developed such a course i have covered all the established version like Angular 8,6,4,2 and angular 9 latest version.  So in this course you will get complete thing about the Angular.

you just have to follow the course and become master in the Angular course.

LEARN these HOT TOPICS in Angular 8:

Data Bindings

Bootstrap Integration with Angular

ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch, Style Management

Built-in Pipes & Custom Pipes


Services and Dependency Injection

RxJS Basics, Observables

REST-API calls using AJAX with Asp.Net Core Mvc

Observable Map

CRUD operations with real databases

Authentication with Asp.Net Core Mvc and Angular

JWT Authentication for REST API end points

Http Interceptors and Http Headers

User Registration and Login in Secured way

Role Based Authentication

Secure Routes using Guards

Handle Forms in Efficient way with Reactive Forms and Form Builder

Component Communication with siblings, children and parent level, and with Custom events, RxJS Subject

ViewChild, ViewChildren, ContentChild, ContentChildren, ElementRef

Build custom pipes and directives

Pass route parameters in handle them in different ways

Create and secure child routes and animate them

Understand router events

Understand feature modules

Create Dashboard with Real databases and Charts

Create unit test cases for components and services

Understand Angular Zones

Understand handling XSS and XSRF, View Encapsulation

Understand basics of TypeScript classes and interfaces.

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