Create an online casino website by mysql,php and javascript

Create an online casino website by mysql,php and javascript

Create an online casino website by mysql,php and javascript
Create an online casino website by mysql,php and javascript, how to create an online casino using html, css , php , javscript and python
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in this course we will teach you , how to create an online casino website using several programming languages including, php , mysql , javascript . so some of the topics are as following :

1- networking:

including overall introduction to networking , definition of protocol and port numbers , computer structure , private and public ip addresses , tcp/ip networks, http and https protocol and some other concepts about networking .

2-Mysql :

we will explain the definition of databases and benefits of mysql , . what xampp and lamp are and how to install lamp on linux which includes apache, linux, mysql and php . after that we give an introduction about how to work with mysql in linux using cli or command line interface.

3- html and css :

in this module we will teach you almost everything you need to create the graphics of a website including almost all the tags in html , and how to use css to modify the appearance including margins, borders, padding , animation in css and many more topics that you could check in the module four of the course html and css .

4- creating a sign-up form using php and mysql

in this module we will give you an introduction about what php is and how to use php and mysql with each other . and then we use php and mysql to create a sign-up and register page . the graphics of this page has already been created using html and css in the earlier module , so in here we program it , we connect to database using mysql and we do various kind of validation including email validation using php .

5- javascript crash course

this module could be a complete separate course . we give you a complete introduction about javascript . what is javascript, what is DOM and how to access html and css using javascript are some questions which would be answered in this module.  also eventhandlers , object and addeventlisteners which could listen for user events and do something based on the user code are some benfits of them .

6- creating roulette game using javascript

in this module finally we use everything we learned in previous module to implement our module and design a game using javascript.

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