Kubernetes for web developers - hands on examples

Kubernetes for web developers - hands on examples

Kubernetes for web developers - hands on examples
Kubernetes for web developers - hands on examples, Explore the world of Kubernetes with practical examples of deployments, pods, services, scaling, ingress & orchestration
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This course is created following the feedback on my Docker course. Kubernetes appeared to be the next logical step to explore, and once having the containers, came the time to understand how to orchestrate them. If you are already familiar with containers concepts, and you would also like to learn how to orchestrate them, then this course is for you.

Since I was looking for something practical and fast enough in order to test the orchestration concepts I choose the microk8s environment. Please be assured that all the commands running with microk8s environment are also valid Kubernetes commands, so the examples provided behave the same way as if they run on a production Kubernetes cluster.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

develop straight from your console / terminal

use microk8s, which offers the lightest possible Kubernetes distribution for testing on your own machine. This means you wont need a special hosting or a powerful server in order to work with the provided examples

gain stability and assurance that you can apply the learned skills in practice

harness the power of Kubernetes in order to manage web applications

All the videos show hands on approaches, so you'll just need to follow on and try the examples at your own pace. At the same time in order to explain the concepts in the environment of Kubernetes I will guide you through the lectures' content. In case you need further theoretical background, I advise you to check the official Kubernetes documentation.

As you might have projects requiring a specific setup, you can use the course material as a base from which you can start, customize and build on, adapting the examples to your own needs. Additionally you will learn how to build Docker images, and I am sure you will enjoy the course if you like to self experiment. 

What you'll need in order to start with the course:

Linux Ubuntu or Windows with Ubuntu WSL2 enabled

Basic knowledge of Docker in order to fully understand the examples

The course is useful for:

web developers, who would like to enter in the world of containers and orchestration

anyone, who wants to try these modern concepts in practice on their local machine

web enthusiasts, who want to transfer their project workloads on Kubernetes

I am staying open for questions on the implementations provided.

Please, enjoy and see you soon!

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