Product Management Foundations

Product Management Foundations

Product Management Foundations
Product Management Foundations, Fast track course on product management concepts, process & frameworks to build strong foundations| Includes case asgmt.
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Product Management is a sought after career for many software professionals. Professionals from different backgrounds aspire to take up this challenging and rewarding role to further their careers. However, there is aspiration and then there is reality. A few succeed in their career pursuits but many fail as there is a lack of structured courseware that is practical enough to bridge this skill gap.

Product Management Foundations is an introductory yet comprehensive course in this direction to help all aspiring and budding product managers to understand more about product management, get to know about the product management craft, and the essential skills, processes, frameworks involved in it. It is a fast track and practical course that teaches you product management as it happens on the ground, in most software product organizations.

The course includes a practical case assignment to put your product management learnings into action. You can get your case solution reviewed and get the necessary guidance on the same to hone your skills further.

The intended audience for this course are:

Professionals who want to get into Product Management

Accidental Product Managers, ones who landed up in product management roles with no context whatsoever

Junior Product Managers who want to get an overall perspective of Product Management and build their foundations

Startup Founders & Cofounders who want to understand and implement Product management practice in their organization

Leaders from other Organizational Practices who work with Product Managers closely and want to understand who are they

Anyone & everyone who wants to understand about Product management

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