Build no-code Facebook Messenger medical diagnosis chatbots

Build no-code Facebook Messenger medical diagnosis chatbots

Build no-code Facebook Messenger medical diagnosis chatbots
Build no-code Facebook Messenger medical diagnosis chatbots, Connect DialogFlow, Chatfuel and Integromat to develop chatbots with a profesional symptoms checker feature.
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Would you like to know how to build advanced medical diagnosis chatbots with a unique visual feature? Then this course is for you. In this masterclass, you will learn how to set up a professional symptoms checker bot by combining the strength of Dialogflow, and the power of Integromat to Chatfuel or Manychat and extend your chatbot capabilities by connecting apps like Google Maps, Airtable, Datastore and more.

I'm Rémi and I have been self-learning chatbot from 2017. I have developed several bots. The most recent one calls Jody which is able to analyze my users' pictures and extract data in real-time to value their car worth. If you are here you might be like me without any coding skills, I have been using Integromat for all my chatbots development. From now, I got a strong knowledge of how to add amazing and unique functionalities by building my own backend to process my users' data. Because Chatfuel and ManyChat have become leaders as chatbot building platforms for none coder people. I believe this course will be helpful for anyone who wants to develop chatbots which can really offer unique services like a professional medical diagnosis feature.

This is what you will learn:

Medical chatbot rules - You'll learn all key rules which are essential to know and to apply if you want to launch a successful medical chatbot.

Initial set up - Even if this course is for intermediate level students, I will spend a bit time to show you the first set up of the chatbot that I build with you. And make sure that the crucial and essential first steps are completed properly.

Build an Airtable dashboard - Because I want to develop a medical diagnosis chatbot I need to save disease details in a professional and safe spreadsheet/database like Airtable. I will show you how to use Airtable and why you can rely on this software to develop advanced chatbots.

Build a basic symptoms checker feature - You probably signed up for this course because you wanted to learn more about developing the same tools as a professional programmer. In this part of the course, we'll learn how to launch a step-by-step medical diagnosis feature which will allows users to declare their symptoms ad let the chatbot analyze them to define what illness could be.

Build a complex symptoms checker feature - Link to the previous learning step, we'll move up in complexity to develop an open symptoms checker feature that can handle any users' inputs, whatever they tell to the chatbot symptoms one by one or all of them in one time. Plus, we'll spend a moment to manage any date or time period that users' may share to determine the illness starting date.

Validate and save user phone number - You will learn how to validate users' phone numbers with a regular expression method from a DialogFlow entity function and by using a special app in Integromat before to save the internal version into your user database.

Automate sending SMS messages - You will learn how to send automatic and custom SMS text messages to specific users at certain period of time.

Add a medical library to your chatbot - Providing illnesses details to users may be a huge job for your chatbot. Too much info. Let's connected your chatbot to your own medical library. Your chatbot will be able to pick from it any info that the user may ask about a specific illness. At the same time, you will be able to keep this library fresh and up to date easily without changing any technical set up for your chatbot.

Set up a helpline feature - You want to let your chatbot provides help contacts to users and guide them to their destination. This feature will do the job. Let your chatbot offers multiple contacts, like hospitals, doctors,... And offer a Google Maps button to give the direction.

After completing this course you will be able to do the following things:

- Create professional chatbots by connecting advanced services like DialogFlow to Chatfuel or ManyChat

- Extend your chatbot functionalities with Integromat

- Combine open intents with global scenarios to handle any medical diagnosis situations

- Connect different apps or external APIs

- Offer a high custom user experience by personalizing each of your chatbot replies according to your user data

- Process and save user data

- Personalized your visual replies with advanced image transformation

- Send automate and custom SMS text messages

- Let your chatbot pick the best answer from a custom knowledge library

What are you waiting for? Enroll in this course today and launch an advanced medical chatbot that really engage users.

Finally, I've saved the best for the last.

I will build with you all the technology to offer a great and visual unique feature focus on COVID-19 disease. Let's developed a visual statistic feature that gets the COVID-19 data in real-time from a certified app. Users will get a visual stats message depending on their location. This is a step-by-step ready project without coding.

See you in the first video.


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