Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django

Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django

Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django
Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django, Top Python Django Web Developing Course With Project Based Learning From Freelancer
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  • Created by Kona Pavan Kumar
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Hi ! i'm a freelancer from India

you might have subscribed to online courses earlier which mess up with lot of boring theory explanations,

and this course is completely different.we will learn the amazing framework(django) practically, it just turns your idea into a startup

django is a kind of framework, where we can do the same thing in different ways, so as per my freelancing experience i will choose only one way to do a particular task. so in this course i will be explaining you my best practices that i do instead of explaining all the possible ways .this is the reason i reduced this course from 24 hours to nearly 4 hours removing all unnecessary stuff, this is just to make you learn quicker.

everything is explained in simple English, instead of using Hi-Fi vocabulary and technical terms. so that it will be completely beginner friendly.

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