SAP UI5 Development Re-Introduction

SAP UI5 Development Re-Introduction

SAP UI5 Development Re-Introduction
SAP UI5 Development Re-Introduction, Use the UI5 framework, SAP Web IDE, and SAP Fiori Launchpad to build and run enterprise-level web applications
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Course highlights:

Use up-to-date development process and tools (XML view, SAP Web IDE)

Downloadable source code on Github (constant update)

Cover some basics of HTML and CSS and essential JavaScript

Use the latest UI5 release 1.71.x

Use SAP Web IDE and SAP Fiori 3.0 Launchpad

Use Fragments, Routing and Navigation, Device API in UI5

Use OData v2 and OData v4

Auto datatype detection, action, function binding with OData v4

Create SAP Fiori 3 Launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform

Deploy UI5 applications to SAP Fiori Launchpad to SAP Cloud Platform

Configure SAP Cloud Connector and deploy UI5 application to SAP Gateway System

Troubleshooting your UI5 application

This  course will focus on using the UI5 framework to develop enterprise-level web applications for running on the web browser. As for introduction level, we’ll start from the absolute beginner level web development introduction. We cover the basics of HTML and CSS, then followed with lots of JavaScript practice (which are easy to follow, no matter what your current level.) Then we use real-world UI5 applications, build from step-to-step, to cover how to properly use the UI5 framework, SAP Web IDE, to develop these UI5 web applications.

In the end, you will be about to develop, troubleshooting, and deploy your UI5 web applications to the SAP Fiori 3.0 Launchpad for both SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Gateway system. We will also briefly cover how to run the UI5 application for non-SAP environment.

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