Webpack 5: Complete Developers Guide 2020

Webpack 5: Complete Developers Guide 2020

Webpack 5: Complete Developers Guide 2020
Webpack 5: Complete Developers Guide 2020, Webpack 5 Complete Guide w/ Federation, Performance, Plugins, Optimization, Webpack-CLI, Babel, Assets, Splitting
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Webpack 5 Course For Beginner/Intermediate Developers

This course is UP-TODATE with the latest Webpack version 5 (@NEXT version)

Webpack 5 still not officially released

It is available as webpack@next on npm

NOTE: On 25 June we will release "Microfrontends" & "Federation" Sections

At the end of the course you will be able to:

1. Build Production Ready Applications

2. Master webpack advanced concepts

3. Support Development and Production modes

4. Master JavaScript Modules

5. Know the What? Why? How?

6. Boost your application performance

7. Split your application into bundles

8. Microfrontends with Webpack

9. Achieve Modular Project

Who is this course for:

1. Developers who want to sharpen their skills

2. Developers who want to become advanced/expert developers

3. Developers who seek to aquire best practices

4.  Developers who want to learn about application performance

5. Developers who want to learn how to build their application


1. Basic JavaScript

This course includes:

1. Webpack Overview

2. JavaScript Modules

3. Webpack Configuration

4. Webpack-CLI

5. Module Federation

6. Babel Loaders

7. Assets Management

8. Production Mode

9. Support Development & Production Mode

10. Webpack HTML Plugin

11. HTML Templates

12. Build Process

13. Modularity

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