[2020] Deno - The Complete Guide

[2020] Deno - The Complete Guide

[2020] Deno - The Complete Guide
[2020] Deno - The Complete Guide, Learn Deno and build highly scalable apps.
Created by Cosmic Haider Malik
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Deno - The Complete Guide
Learn Deno and build highly scalable apps.
DENO: A SECURED runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Its is developed by The creator of Node i.e. Ryan Dahl. It is a great Replacement of Node as it solves many problems in Node making Deno the future of Web.

We truly believe, Deno is the future being an early adopters will always pay off. We are excited about Deno and you should be too because it is the Future. So will Deno replace Node? Nobody can predict the future...But learning something awesome and getting ready for the future is always very important..

In this Course we Shall cover:-
Type Script Basics
Deno Basics
Deno Runtime and architecture
Deno vs NodeJS
Web Development with Deno
File I/O with Deno
Working with Databases in Deno
Logging in Deno
Error Handling in Deno
Deno Intermediate and Advance Features like tooling,Debugging, Testing.
Making our First Basic Backend API with Deno
Projects : To Do List App with MongoDB
Projects :  Blogging App with Postgres SQL Database

We know that you're here because you value your time and Money.By getting this course, you can be assured that the course will explain everything in detail and if there are any doubts in the course, we will answer your doubts in less than 12 hours. 
All the project Files are available for you.

So, What are you waiting for? Go Click on the Buy button and let's explore the exciting journey of Deno.
We will be waiting for you inside the course...

Cosmic , Haider Malik

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