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Data Visualization & Storytelling
Data Visualization & Storytelling, (make charts that move mountains)
Created by Jose Berengueres
English [Auto], Spanish


With its foundations rooted in statistics, advertisement, and data science, practitioners in medical, engineering and business use "dataviz" to explore, understand and convince with data. This course shows you how to better understand your data, present clear evidence of your findings to your audience, and tell an engaging story. Based on the acclaimed textbook eponymous Amazon Bestseller[1], parts of this courseware have been used in  universities and biz schools in Finland, Barcelona, USA, Korea, Canada and the Middle East; and in executive trainings of companies like Halliburton TX, Agilent, Orange and PropertyFinder, after this course you are expected to be able to to transform data into not just information, but valuable knowledge. You will learn by example how to visualize the fascinating topics of gender equality, inclusion, solar energy and bias. You will also learn, What is the role of a narrative in a graphic; The foundations of visual narratives and what is the relationship between data, information and knowledge. The authors (a Kaggle master, a Bloomberg ex bureau chief and a psychology professor) bring together concepts of Data Science, Design Thinking and Strategy to take the student on a journey where the destination is nothing less than great visual storytelling. You might be an MBA candidate, an instructor, a strategy consultant or an entrepreneur, this course explains the visual fundamentals for building graphics that convince decisively. Designed as a series of Socratic exercises, this book is for you if you work with Excel, SPSS, or Tableau; no data skills or special math skills are required.

Main Outcomes
1. Identify the role of a narrative in a chart
2. Transform data into information
3. Synthesize knowledge by linking frameworks
4. Apply visual thinking tools for decision making
5. Select visual communication techniques to persuade

Praise from previous students
"I was going through the book and it looks great!" – Mauricio Zanotti – Director ONG La ruta Solar"Here in Argentina the community in data science is really growing, and I love visualizations and find the way to tell the story." – Agustin Blacker"
Along with greeting and thanking you for such a good contribution delivered through the book I am reading (now in its translated version)." – Rosa Velasques
"An eye opener" – Benjamin Jon, Wales."A holistic approach to how to create knowledge with classic rhetoric." – Birgitta Edberg

About the authors
Marybeth Sandell is a Swedish-American journalist and has been, among others, bureau chief of the Bloomberg London office. He has worked in Stockholm, Zurich and New York; and has taught at the University of North Carolina. She has a Masters in Communication and Technology from UNC Chapel Hill and his work focuses on creating data-driven stories for global corporations and non-profits.
Ali Fenwick is Dutch and is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Innovation at Hult International Business School in Dubai. Her research focuses on the psychology of organizations and administration, and explores how psychological interventions can be applied within the workplace.
Jose Berengueres is from Barcelona and a doctor in robotics by TokyoTech. Since 2011 he works at the U.A.E University in the Emirates where he combines teaching design thinking and ethics in IT with mentoring startups. He is also a Kaggle master.

(extra materials included with this course)
when you enrol in this course you will get a free copy in English or Spanish of the following books:
Berengueres, J. (2019). Introduction to Data Visualization & Storytelling: A Guide For The Data Scientist.
Berengueres, J. (2020). VisualizaciĆ³n de Datos & Storytelling. (B. Covarrubias, Ed.)

Reference books (not included in this course)
Now you see it, Stephen Few, 2009
Show me the numbers, Stephen Few, 2012
Storytelling with Data, Cole Nussbaumer Knafflic, 2015
Good Charts (HBR), Scott Berinato, 2016
Data Visualization & Storytelling,Jose Berengueres, Ali Fenwick, Marybeth Sandell,2019
DataStory, Nancy Duarte,2019
Fundamentals of Data Visualization: A Primer on Making Informative and Compelling Figures,Clause Wilke,2019
Storytelling with Data workbook,Cole Nussbaumer Knafflic, 2020

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