Learning SQL Server Machine Learning Services

Learning SQL Server Machine Learning Services

Learning SQL Server Machine Learning Services
Learning SQL Server Machine Learning Services, Learn the basics of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - with Practical Activities.
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Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, are the areas of technology that have been significantly evolved over the last few years. These technologies, are already heavily used by many organizations, in order to efficiently solve complex problems. Among other, they are used for predicting patterns based on large data sets and thus transform raw data into meaningful knowledge.
Examples where Data Science and Machine Learning are used, include: email SPAM and malware filtering, product recommendations on eCommerce websites, online fraud detection, early prediction of diseases and much more.
To this end, knowing Data Science and Machine Learning, is surely a competitive advantage in the job market, since as we evolve as a society and economy, these technologies are being used even more, for helping Business, Healthcare and many other sectors in our everyday lives.
Since all these technologies rely on large sets of data, also known as "Big Data", combining these technologies with a powerful Data Platform such as SQL Server, can further enhance the process of learning from data.
SQL Server, via its Machine Learning Services offering, helps you to easily implement Data Science and Machine Learning projects, directly against your data, either structured, or unstructured, or both.
Via my course "Introduction to Data Science and SQL Server Machine Learning", you will get introduced to Data Science and SQL Server Machine Learning Services. Among other, you will learn what Data Science is and what is the Data Science Lifecycle. Moreover, you will learn about SQL Server and its Machine Learning Services offering and see live demonstrations of installing the required services for getting started, as well as of how you can run Python and R code from within SQL Server.
Then, we will talk about SQL Server's development tools, which can be used for implementing Data Science projects on the platform and finally we will perform a simple Data Science project in SQL Server, where we will create, train and score a model, for predicting values based on the data input.

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