MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)

MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)

MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript)
MobX In Depth With React(Hooks+TypeScript),An extensive course about MobX in-depth and how correctly use it in react applications.
Created by Georgy Glezer
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MobX and React With Typescript
This is the most extensive course about MobX you will find online, After a few years of using MobX, I'm really passionate about it and really love it, I decided to create this course about MobX, So more people can enjoy this state management library as much as I do.
This course is for:
New people to MobX
Want to start using MobX but afraid?
Want to know how to utilize MobX abilities better?
Tired of writing a lot of boilerplate in Redux?
Want to write quick and quality High scale Web Applications
We are going to cover these topics in the course:
MobX Fundamentals(observables, actions, computation, reactions) - each topic will be covered in depth
MobX Principals and Concepts(how does MobX reactivity work, how to organize your stores correctly, the correct mindset to have using MobX)
How To Connect MobX To React - how do we connect MobX to react? and how we share the data correctly? when to use MobX vs react state
Mobx 6 - Upcoming Changes
mobx-easy (A library I've created that helps MobX usage)
And - We are going to have a Slack Channel  - I will be answering once a day questions there, and hopefully, we will build a community there and help each other in topics related to MobX !!.
After this course you will know MobX in-depth, you will be able to develop any applications with MobX and React easily.
Who this course is for:

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