MSK TypeScript Bootcamp - Level

MSK TypeScript Bootcamp - Level

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MSK TypeScript Bootcamp - Level

Get started with TypeScript and start using Type annotations in your projects, Best Online Free Tutorial  Learn Certication 2020 To Advanced MSK TypeScript Bootcamp - Level 1. Get started with TypeScript and start using Type annotations in your projects. Udemy. platform. English.
New, Created by Manoj Satish Kumar


What you'll learn
  • Learn about the problem with JavaScript
  • Learn the advantages of using TypeScript
  • Deep dive into primitive & special types
  • Learn about literal, array & object types
  • Master union, interface & tuple types
  • Discover function types & type aliases
  • Understand type assertions & inference
  • Hands-on coding with lab experiments.
  • Download all code snippets & resources
  • A certificate of completion


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript developed at Microsoft by Anders Hejlsberg ( designer of C# ) in the year 2010 and open-sourced in 2012. TypeScript adds a handful of new features to JavaScript and takes it to the next level in modern web development.

There are a lot of advantages if you add TypeScript to your JavaScript-based projects like:
You can catch bugs errors during the development phase itself rather than runtime.
Debugging is much easier & you will have bug-free production code and feel safe.
With static type-checking, it becomes easier for you to spot errors and edge cases.
Saves a lot of developer's time in fixing unidentifiable runtime bugs.
TypeScript adds advanced features like generics, modules & namespaces.
Your projects will be easily understandable by other developers.
Your project will have excellent developer experience ( DX ) and team velocity.
Helps you write less code than JavaScript & improves readability.
Source code documentation will be much better.
TypeScript code is easier to refactor and reliable. Hence easier to maintain.
Since JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript, you can use all JavaScript libraries.
You can incrementally upgrade your JavaScript files on the go.
TypeScript is a powerful tool for large applications

After completing MSK TypeScript Bootcamp  - Level 1, you will be able to:
Understand the problem with JavaScript for large scale applications.
Add TypeScript to your JavaScript projects with the compiler configuration.
Include TypeScript and start adding type annotations in your JavaScript projects.
Fully understand all the types supported by TypeScript in depth.
Feel confident in your front-end interview and talk about TypeScript.
Download all the code snippets and create your personal reference notes.

This Bootcamp features hands-on coding lab experiments which are both fun and useful. They will help you understand concepts and play around with TypeScript features. You will have the opportunity to keep those examples for your reference as we advance ourselves to learn more TypeScript features in this series of upcoming Bootcamps.

Your journey to become a Level 1 master of TypeScript begins here.
Let's get started...

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